Touch Activated LED Mask

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Easy to use  -  Cordless  -  Lightweight  -  Includes protective eyewear  -  Convenient  -  25 min auto timer  -  Bonus 8th setting (all colors)!

  • Red light: stimulates collagen and elastin production, which plumps and firms the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles.


  • Blue light: reduces oil production, kills acne causing bacteria helping to clear and control breakouts.


  • Green light: Soothing, fades discoloration, balances the skin tone.


  • Cyan light: calms irritated skin, reduces swollen capillaries and is anti-inflammatory, good for sunburn.


  • Purple light: skin clearing and anti aging, reduces the appearance of wounds and scars.


  • Yellow light: restorative for sun damaged skin, helps rosacea and reduces redness and inflammation. 


  • White light: penetrates the deepest, and works to tighten and reduce inflammation. Helps boost metabolism and promotes circulation and scar healing.
  • *This mode can be used to aid in post-procedural healing.

Each purchase includes:

-charging cable

-protective eyewear

-user manual


Due to COVID-19 safety restrictions, all sales are final 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

I was impressed with the results from my first use. The improvements were subtle, but noticeable. It helped clear up a small reactive break out, reduce some blotchiness, even out my skin tone, and smooth out the texture. The improvements were more noticeable than a lot of skincare products!
It’s also really relaxing to wear. I love that it’s hands-free.

Janene Mascarella
All Systems GLOW

I started trying this months ago and I'm so impressed by the quality and he's and most of all the results! It's comfortable to wear easy to use and this high-tech product is a must-have for the ultimate lit from within glow. Love love love love love

Kendra Robinson

I absolutely love this mask. Light therapy has worked wonders on my skin. It’s been hard to stay consistent with my esthetician due to Covid, but this mask def overcompensates for at home self care sessions. It’s cordless so I can get my skin together while doing tasks at home, like running around with my toddler! It has 8 different light settings to
Combat what ails you, but my all time favorite thing about this mask is that you can choose the intensity of light. Great for those days you may not need so much. Worth every penny!

Deboney Gainer
Melanin Glow

I love my mask, it was a great investment. So far I’ve enjoyed using this mask, my skin feels refreshed and I feel relaxed. It’s easy to use, and has been a great addition to my regiment at night

Great addition to my skin care routine!

I’ve had my LED mask for a few months now. Initially I got it because I was having the worst “maskne”. My skin is normally clear and I never had an acne problem but wearing (Covid protection) mask all day has had its toll on my skin. I started breaking out around my chin area! I was familiar with LED therapy from my esthetician when she did my facials. I loved the idea of having that same technology in the convenience of my own home. I started using the LED mask once a week and the breakouts have been clearing up. The mask is also very convenient to use. It’s cordless so you can use it while doing your normal household routines. It has now become apart of my skincare routine. I’m so glad I made the investment! I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking to enhance their skincare!