Touch Activated LED Mask


This non invasive and powerfully effective LED mask is proven to reduce the visible effects of sun damage, acne and aging through cellular activation.

LED releases energy, or photons, that emit wavelengths (colors). This light penetrates the skins different layers, bringing non invasive and effective results.



Color Treatment Options


  1. Red light setting: collagen stimulation, treats rosacea, diminishes wrinkles, shrinks pores.
  2. Blue light setting: kills acne causing bacteria, regulates oil production, calms redness and inflammation, improves congested skin.
  3. Yellow light setting: detoxifying, stimulates lymphatic system, neutralizes skin, wound healing, best for sensitive/inflamed skin.
  4. Green light setting: regulates melanin production, lightens, balances skin tone, fades discoloration, anti inflammatory, tackles redness.
  5. White light setting: improves fine lines and aging, accelerates active tissue metabolism.
  6. Purple light setting: acne fighting, enhances cell energy, reduces scarring and wrinkles.
  7. Cyan light setting: calms irritated skin, reduces swollen capillaries, promotes metabolism.
  8. Multi color setting: automatic four seconds on each color before it changes.



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1. After cleaning skin, select desired color.

2. Select therapy power.

3. Place mask on face, fasten the straps and enjoy.


15-20 mins recommended time, 1-2 times per week.


Additional Information

Blue light, Cyan light, Green light, Purple light, Red light, White light, Yellow light

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