Instructions for Use

 1. Insert cable into mask to charge (2 hour power charge = 100 minutes of use).  
To use, switch to ON position. When not in use, switch to OFF for power saving.


2. To power on, gently press the center above the eyes  -  you will hear a beep to confirm power. 

3. Tap above the left eye to change the color treatment  -   you will hear 'do - re - mi - fa - so - la - ti - do' tune 
- Eighth setting features all colors for 3 seconds.
4. Tap above the right eye to change the intensity level (5 levels).



  • Red light: stimulates collagen and elastin production, which plumps and firms the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles.


  • Blue light: reduces oil production, kills acne causing bacteria helping to clear and control breakouts.


  • Green light: Soothing, fades discoloration, balances the skin tone.


  • Cyan light: calms irritated skin, reduces swollen capillaries and is anti-inflammatory, good for sunburn.


  • Purple light: skin clearing and anti aging, reduces the appearance of wounds and scars.


  • Yellow light: restorative for sun damaged skin, reduces redness and inflammation.


  • White light: penetrates the deepest, and works to tighten and reduce inflammation. Helps boost metabolism and promotes circulation and scar healing.


  • *This mode can be used to aid in post-procedural healing.