What is LED Therapy?

LED (light emitting diodes) waves sent to the skin that trigger cellular reactions to heal and repair the skin. 


What makes SevenSkin Beauty's LED mask different?

Our mask has eight settings, including a multi light option which changes all light colors to give you the ultimate benefits.


Cordless for mobility

Hands free and lightweight 

USB charging cord for portable and universal use.

Automatic timer.


How often and when should I use my LED mask?

Because skin regenerates overnight, we recommend using before bed 3-4 times per week for the best results. There is an automatic 25 minute timer to avoid overexposure.


How do I treat my skin before using the mask?

Apply the mask to a clean face. For optimal penetration, no serum or cream is necessary.


How should I care for my mask?

Use a warm, wet cloth to wipe clean. For the eye patches, remove and wipe with a wet cloth. 


Do I need to charge the mask when it arrives?

You do not need to charge your mask on arrival, but charging for two hours gives 100 minutes of use. 


Is LED therapy safe?

Since these LED lights have no UV rays, there is no risk to your health. It is non invasive and safe enough for pregnant and nursing mothers. 


How long before I see results?

Typically, you will see radiance after the first week. More results will start appear after 4 weeks of consistent use.